Why pastels?

Why did I choose to work with pastelsin particular?

Working with pastels involves close contact: I use my fingers directly to rub the pastelsinto the paper, without using either a brush or a pencil. This is what makes it especially charming. It is as if the surfaces and the colors flowed one into the other directly under your hands. It feels as if part of you wentinto the canvas. It is impossible to get closer and deeper than that.

Pastels allow you to blend and apply colors in an amazing way. The best pastel paintings are made of many colorful layers that shine through. Hence the velvetiness and the depth, which unfailingly attract.

Pastels do not require time for technical breaks. Work progresses quickly; you do not have to worry about drying the previous layers, as in the case of other media.

I like the fact that the process requires neither solvents nor fixers, neither water nor brushes. Only paper and pastel sticks.

That is why I made such a choice. Which I do not regret!