About me

I have an affinity for people who can see and appreciate beauty in simple and ordinary things. I notice it everywhere. In roadside stones and footprints in the sand. In  shadows. In reflections. In clouds. The subject matter of my pastelsis very close– just look around.

I don’t chase bright colors and spectacular views. I am fonder of the precarious and the elusive. All it takes is for a sunbeam to fall a certain way on a blade of grass, and in my mind I see a finished painting. Especially when it comes to rays of light. Light fascinates me. That is what I seek, what I look for – always and everywhere.

There aren’t too many pastel paintings in my gallery. Some paintings come, others go. But what appeals to visitors is not the permanent collection, which eventually turns into a monument, but specifically this flickering life. People who come to me are those who would like to add light to their world. And I'm glad that there are more of them now.

I live and work in the most beautiful place in the world, in Brittany. And I never get tired of admiring it. My Brittany gives me ideas and inspires, encourages, teaches and supports me. Like Paul Suluzier, "I feel that I am drawn more and more by Brittany, my true motherland, because my spirit was born here".

I have many plans at the moment and most importantly – a great desire to continue doing what I do.